The American Alternative Medical Association would like to personally invite you to become a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner and a member of a worldwide organization that feels its time for alternative practitioners to enjoy the same benefits as any other professional. As other professionals are being certified in their field, the American Alternative Medical Association believes its time qualified Alternative Practitioners be recognized as experts in their field. The AAMA feels that qualified practitioners serve the public health needs more as professionals, thereby should be differentiated from those who are not. The following information should answer most of your questions about the Association.

AAMA promotes an enhanced professional image and prestige among practitioners of traditional and nontraditional therapies and methodologies. AAMA fosters unity among “grass roots” practitioners and those with advanced academic credentials. AAMA brings reputable chiropractors, naturopaths, naprapaths, osteopaths, and other doctors that support alternative health care together to share ideas and to help educate the public that good health can be obtained without the use of drugs. It is this Association’s doctrine that “you can’t be drugged into good health”. Our worldwide membership of practitioners unite to encourage improved public awareness of the benefits of alternative health care.

Your professional affiliation with AAMA can provide free patient referrals and an impressive 8.5″x11″ AAMA Certificate of Membership. The Association will provide public access to our 800 number published nationally. Your name, along with our other qualified members, will be made available to the general public allowing potential patient referral of alternative health care providers. Insurance referral for professional liability coverage is available. The AAMA will call or write to state licensing boards to inform them of practitioner’s qualifications. Licensed laboratories offering non-invasive patient testing will be made available to member practitioners. These laboratory tests can bring in hundreds of dollars into your practice each month. Also, consultations on how to start a practice or increase an existing one can be provided, plus office forms, questionnaires, disclosure letters and advertising ideas.

Many practitioners place announcement of their certification in advertisements, on business cards and when they do public speaking. In general, people prefer to visit practitioners that have met the requirements of a professional organization.

So as a qualified health care professional and doctor, please take the time to complete the online application or mail it along with your nominal certification fee to AAMA Commission on Certification. Upon your acceptance by the board, a numbered certificate will be issued in your name with all the applicable rights, privileges and responsibilities. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call us at 1-409-621-2600.

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