Name Phone Web Site
Alternative Medicine College of Canada 1-514-270-5318 Web Site
American Holistic University 1-800-296-MIND Web Site
American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness 1-877-587-8481 Web Site
College of Canada Holistic Natural Medicine 1-416-590-0022 Web Site
Corinthian Naturopathic College 1-818-561-6909 Web Site
European-American University 01-8511116/08023307788 Web Site
International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine 1-877-888-8970 Web Site
Parker University 1-800-637-8337 Web Site
School of Natural Medicine, UK +44-(0) 7751-640340 Web Site
University of Metaphysical Sciences 1-707-822-2111 Web Site
Westbrook University 1-304-797-7550 Web Site
Yamuni Institute of Healing Arts 1-337-984-3770

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